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Merchandise Design Management

Make Shirts & Merchandise with Brownbutter (Wrestlers & Promoters)

Brownbutter's Merchandise Design Management is the best way in the business to get premium t-shirt designs for no money down, and that’s just for starters.  We put together a design pool of more than 50 graphic designers and illustrators, every one of them a pro wrestling super fan.  We create a strategy around imaging and merchandising your wrestling career and everything that entails, whether you’ve just started touring the independent circuit or you stepped out of the ring 40 years ago.  T-shirts are the low hanging fruit of pro wrestling merchandise, which is why we created a versatile soup-to-nuts solution for you, but to be totally clear, we’re not a t-shirt company.  We are a design and revenue company.  Our goal is to make you money and we create the opportunities to do so. Get started by filling out our on-boarding form and terms of service agreement here or click here to learn more.

We offer a complete print-to-order web store and can pay designers through sales which means you can start selling t-shirts without having to spend a single dollar up front or risk investment in maintaining an active inventory.  Pull the trigger with us and in just a few weeks, you’ll have multiple high quality shirts for sale and you will start receiving checks on a monthly basis.  If you already have a web store elsewhere, we give you the option of buying out our designs and fulfilling them wherever you like.  

T-shirts are just the beginning.  We source manufacturing from all over the world and create innovative merchandise concepts never before seen in pro wrestling, delivering a top-of-the-line fan experience for pro wrestling fans of all ages, genders and passions. We find ways to position your gimmicks, slogans, high spots, promos and overall character and ring work for the modern audience, insuring that you are always represented by goods that fit at the top of any fan’s card. 

We understand the ways you interact with your fanbase and we don’t miss a chance for them to interact with you either, even if you can’t be there in person. We handle the sale and distribution of these products, from our own online storefront to direct-to-fan opportunities like the popular bundled fan crates to pro wrestling specialty retailers online and all over the world.  We also can equip you for success at every event you’re booked at, offering you not just a variety of your own merchandise for sale but customized full-color posters unique to that event for autographs (25 posters for $35 including delivery directly directly to the event) and discounted printing of our innovative Wrestling Fan Cards that allow you to loop every person you come in contact with at an event to your online store and mailing list as well as your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts (business cards for business, Fan Cards for the fans).  As a Brownbutter client, you’ll also start finding us at fan expos all over the country, even the ones you aren’t booked at, making money for you wherever your fans are and representing the richest non-promotion wrestling fan experience on the market.

We will work with promotions.  If your merchandising rights are currently under contract with a pro wrestling promotion and their in-house design team or online shop isn’t delivering for you, please contact us.  We can find a solution that works for everyone. Brownbutter Wrestling believes that as independent contractors, wrestlers deserve advocacy in how their likeness, ring name, and merchandising is handled, even when they've granted those rights to a wrestling promotion or when the promotion owns the character. Our aim is to work with the promotions and the wrestlers to find merchandise opportunities to earn more for talent and their families. When wrestling talent becomes frustrated or blocked by what is seen as limits to their income caused by misaligned priorities or resources, this can lead to resentment and friction with the promotion and a potentially toxic work environment, not to mention some sticky PR issues and social media static. Brownbutter Wrestling's MDM provides a clear solution for when the task of designing, manufacturing and managing merchandise for any talent is out of focus for a promotion or when a wrestler or promotion wants to build, analyze, or improve their merchandising approach and revenue. We can offer expertise and solutions at every step or just the areas you need. Contact Brownbutter or get started by filling out our on-boarding form and terms of service agreement here and we’ll reach out to you within two business days to get rolling.

Design Pro Wrestling Shirts/Merchandise For Brownbutter (Graphic Designers & Illustrators)

We're building a pool of graphic designers and illustrators to develop merchandise (t-shirts and other products) and generate IP around current and prospective clients. You must have a working knowledge of professional wrestling and professional wrestlers, as enthusiasm for the medium is important. Appreciation for legacy talent and independent talent outside of WWE is a +. Must be able to create screen print-ready work and have a strong command over apparel design, color separations and other elements. This is not a full time position, but there is a consistent demand for work and payment terms above market rates for t-shirt design, including potential design residuals. This role is ideal for freelancers and moonlighters alike, as well as firms employing designers that satisfy our criteria, from any location. Brownbutter Wrestling represents the largest design opportunity in professional wrestling outside of the WWE itself.

You get paid for the work you do when it's selected by a client, who then buys out the design (for above market rates for pro wrestling t-shirt design) or chooses to pay via a design royalty for all shirts sold. We mitigate your risk of speculative development with a constant flow of pro wrestling clients and design prompts. Our launch is catering to t-shirt design, but we are soon adding other products. If you're doing great work and participate in our prompts, you will make great money for the time spent.

We're promoting a design-forward approach to pro wrestling imaging in order to capture fans who aren't represented by what is currently available.  If you're interested in being a part of our design pool or for more information about our rates and terms of service, please email us some design samples (with an emphasis on t-shirt design) and a cover letter detailing your feelings and knowledge around pro wrestling.

Brownbutter Wrestling Digital

Brownbutter Wrestling Digital is a professional wrestling video management and distribution business, providing infrastructure around digital initiatives for both pro wrestling promotions and the wrestlers themselves. Our purpose is to ingest, edit, repackage, create and distribute pro wrestling content (e.g. video, audio & still images) in order to aggregate content management and generate & maximize content revenue. We have several hundred hours of raw footage already committed to the platform and some exciting partnerships in the works.

Wrestling promotions of every size are often isolated from one another, focused on developing their live event product and frequently left without a sense of best practices around their video production and content strategy. Promoters are making choices around one or two services because it's difficult to devote resources and create strategies from outside the digital landscape and with little frame of reference. Pro wrestlers enjoy independent contractor status, but lack the infrastructure to maximize their own revenue potential when it comes to video. Even the booming podcast market continues to leave money and opportunity on the table. Brownbutter Wrestling Digital is the change you’ve been waiting for. The era of the buy-out is over. Co-own your own shoot interviews. Co-own your own promos. Connect with your fans and grow your brand. The biggest stage on the planet is the internet and we just built a Gorilla position into it.

We’re not a promotion, we’re a partner. Your product is our product. As an aggregator, we advocate and negotiate for the benefit of the entire pro wrestling industry. We come to the table with complete digital import/export opps capabilities, full content rights management, a scalable editing team, in-house production expertise with a growing network of production crews, and decades of experience around content distribution, contract negotiation with digital services and best practices to get your product ready for prime time. We have what every wrestler, active and retired, and every wrestling promotion needs: the time, knowledge, strategy and technical resources to develop and capitalize on this important aspect of your business, a crystal clear grasp of its value in an ever-shifting marketplace and the creative vision to truly develop video, audio and still imagecontent to enhance your product, enrich your brand, improve the fan experience and No matter your opinion of what the product should be, pro wrestling should be successful, first and foremost. Contact us today.

The Brownbutter Wrestling Image Library is the first of its kind in the world, encompassing thousands of photos from the private collections of wrestlers, their families, promotions (domestic and international), wrestling magazines and fans. Our goal is to tell the history of wrestling through photos and encourage and enrich the exploration of that history by making these important archival collections available for licensed usage. Launching autumn 2016.
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Custom Poster Printing

Brownbutter Wrestling is pleased to launch its custom poster printing service, ideal for meet & greets/signings or local match/appearance promotion. We create & ship beautiful full-color custom 11"x17" posters, full bleed, on 80# text gloss paper. Email us if you need help designing your poster or upload an image yourself (11.25" x 17.25" (1/8" bleed gets cut on all sides), 300 DPI).

Wrestler Estate Management

Brownbutter earns more money for the families & heirs of late wrestlers. We setup legacy management deals with both living clients and the heirs of deceased clients to insure income collection and pay-through for their families after they're gone. We're proud to announce the great Ox Baker as our inaugural estate client. Learn more.

Wrestler Estate Management is a service that provides families of deceased wrestlers with revenue opportunities heretofore unaddressed by the industry. Brownbutter believes the lives, likenesses, characters, stories, photographs and memorabilia of wrestlers past and present are interesting and unusual to most people. We believe the wrestling industry and wrestler lifestyle attracts, employs and shapes a wide variety of compelling athletes and performers, as well as the characters they bring to life in and out of the ring. Brownbutter believes in advocating for the families and heirs of its clients, pursuing the opportunities to tell those stories, from the development of biographies for publishing and/or production to the mutually beneficial exploitation of character likeness and trademarks through creative merchandising and licensing, to the reinterpretation of a wrestler's legacy into a character that can help tell new stories as written and/or portrayed by others. This enriches the deceased talent's appeal long after they've exited the ring and bolstering their character's connection with modern fans while also enriching the value of vast libraries of archival footage in which they appear. 

Brownbutter Wrestling is pleased to offer living will packages to allow living talent (both retired and active) to prepare and establish the management of their legacies and posthumous revenue for the benefit of their loved ones.
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Revenue Strategy Management

Revenue Strategy Management is a service offered for both talent and promotions at all levels (and is included in our Estate Management services). Brownbutter takes a thorough analytical look at your revenue picture, all of the assets in your arsenal, any limitations you might be carrying (physical, circumstantial, performance-wise or contractual) and the marketplace itself to come up with an executable strategy for every client, whether you're retired or active, currently contracted or a free agent. Brownbutter's RSM is a great way to put another set of eyes on your business and help you make the smart choices you need to in order to succeed and to earn more.

Show's Over with A.J. Kirsch (TV SHOW)

Show's Over with A.J. Kirsch is pro wrestling's newest comedy news show, featuring you, the fans. Become a contributor and buy a shirt here.

About Brownbutter Wrestling

Brownbutter Wrestling is a new business in the pro wrestling space, conceived to utilize the opportunities provided by technology and modern business acumen to maximize revenue potential for wrestling promotions and wrestlers (working, retired and deceased) alike and to improve and enrich the modern fan experience. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we work with clients and partners from around the world. 

Perhaps most importantly, we believe that the development of this industry from its fairgrounds origins to its modern format, as led by the WWE and the vision of its founders, is nothing short of extraordinary. Brownbutter Wrestling is launched in the same spirit of innovation, growth and potential as its inspiration, as well as the incredible work ethic of the hundreds of other wrestling promotions around the world, past and present, and the incredible talent to be found working within them.

We are devoted to the spirit of the independent contractor at every stage of his or her career and believe that every worker deserves a back of house partner to guarantee sustainable revenue from his first high spot to his heirs years after his passing.  Brownbutter is that partner.

Our Team

Cory Brownbutter

Cory Brown (founder, CEO)Following twenty years of music industry experience (including thirteen active years of operating his own Absolutely Kosher Record label) and six years of applied business & product analysis & development, entrepreneur Cory Brown took a long hard look at his childhood love of pro wrestling and decided to see if he could make it better for the fans, the wrestlers and the promotions. Brownbutter Wrestling encompasses those efforts.

New Ventures / CONTACT

We spend a lot of time thinking, talking and testing new ideas. We've got ventures in the works we're just not ready to discuss yet, but yes, you should be excited. Do you have one you might like to collaborate with us on? Have a problem that needs solving? We're always up for a conversation. Please contact us: 

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